Maggie Ahern

Maggie Ahern has spent ten years working as a high-producing realtor, providing her expertise to buyers, sellers, and investors within the Chicago area. A native of the city’s northwest suburbs, she is a proud second-generation broker, who observed her mother negotiating deals, listing homes, and interacting with clients for over 25 years.

Prior to starting her career as a broker, Maggie spent eight years in Scottsdale, Arizona, first graduating with a degree in Communications and Art History from Arizona State University and then opening her own art gallery. Her education and experience running a small business provided her with a solid foundation of marketing creativity and business sense, which she was able to build upon when she returned to Chicago.

Maggie is passionate about helping her clients through each stage of their transaction, whether they’re finding a new home or parting with one that they’re ready to move on from. She genuinely cares about the people she works with, and takes the time to listen to their needs, educate them on the process, and ease any confusion they may have. Her background in communications has also helped empower her as a negotiator, and her clients can feel confident that she will be their strongest advocate when the time comes to discuss offers and closing.

Maggie has also taken her keen real estate skills to the small screen for an episode of the hit HGTV show "My First Place." Her episode, “Army Vet,” first aired in May, 2009—so keep an eye out for Maggie in reruns!

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